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What It Takes To Sound Like A Pro When You Ask A Girl Out

I recall the first time I ever asked a girl out.

That was in 5th grade and I made sure that I had a clean hair cut, snugly dressed up with what was the teen fad during those years.. This special girl is standing there - among the other girls and pupils who are eagerly waiting for their ride in the Ferris wheel. I gazed at her and tried to recover my courage that is like evaporating into the air.

Nervous as hell, I skulked my way next to her in line and squeakily let out a hello.. After a few minutes of uneasy silence, I muttered out a "want to ride the Ferris wheel together" so softly that I don’t even think dogs could hear it.

Somehow, she deciphered the words coming out of my mouth and gave me the "are you joking?" glance. My courage popped out just like a bursting bubble. The next I knew - I was already walking down the road with my head hanging low.

As early as that development milestone in my life, the "how" of asking a girl out was like a difficult science project to me.

But then, that became a history. I look at that day as an isolated case of getting rejected when asking a girl out. Now, I can show you that it not a difficult task to ask a girl out.

Learn from my experience and apply the information that I reveal so that you will not need to keep that moment when you were turned down and make that as a governing event for you.


The secret of getting a "yes" lies in the degree of confidence that you display. This likewise holds in any dating things you want to engage in.

Ladies wish to see that confidence radiating from your inner intents when you ask them to go out with you. Once you fail to display confidence, you surely get a negative response. Girls wants someone who demonstrates the ability to make a conviction on their choice and wants to pursue what they chose.

When you ask a girl out, you want to portray all the signs of a high-status, confident man.

When you talk to her, gaze squarely into her eyes like you are determined to know her better and let her know your intentions.. This may even make her a bit anxious and she might look away, a very good hint that she’s into you.Also, project your tone of voice and make sure you are heard. Not too loud that everyone around hears it; not too low that she cannot even hear it.

And don’t ask her out with a question. Use statements and oversell the event. Here are a few illustrations of what I mean:

Inappropriate Way to Ask a Girl Out

You: "do you have plans already tonight?"

Her: " Well, I'm not certain. Maybe, I will just spend time listening to music to pass the time."

You: "Do you welcome the idea of watching a concert together?"

Her: "That sounds great but, I’m really tired and…"

Correct Way to Ask a Girl Out

You: "I have tried this new bar that is newly opened, they do have a lot of perks. I really believe you'll find it cool. Try it out with me one Wednesday night."

Her: "Oh, I don’t know, I have a lot of work I have to get done."

You: "You do not understand. I tell you, I've never had a really delicious mojitos like their's. And the music there is amazing, you can’t miss it."

Her: "Haha, well maybe I can free up some time…"

If you give her an option and don’t make it sound fun, asking her out is going to blow up in your face. Of course, the response depends would depend on other factors and much of it is something controlled by her. Nonetheless, the display of confidence will surely optimize your chances.

Be Flirtatious

Also, be flirtatious and demonstrate your fun side when speaking with a girl about going out.

While you’re talking with her, establish yourself as a playful person by teasing her and using light, humorous banter.

Role-playing is yet another amazing tool you may employ. A personal favorite of mine is making up a fantasy vacation with a girl and planning out all the details. This way she can picture herself having fun with you outside of whatever venue you are talking with her at and makes it more likely that she will want to see you again.

Here's how you can do it:

You: "I really like Hawaii. The beach streets, the sea, the awesome climate… that’s it, we are quitting our work and heading to Maui."

Her: "Hey, that is incredible. But, how in the world can we manage the expenses?"

You: "No problem. We’ll open up a surf shop right on the coast. Be the manager and treasurer coz I am weak in math. Aside from that, it will use up my time gallivanting on the beach. "

Her: "We’ll see about that mister…"

Once you give a "fun guy" picture in her mind, you will be getting a favorable reply if you will ask her out because she feels that she will be having fun.

Face To Face vs. Over the Phone

Certainly, ask her out personally and not thru the phone. If you talk to her in person, she can physically see how you convey your message in a confident manner and you will be observing the unspoken messages that she wants to tell you.

This does not mean that by all means, you should not use the phone. Of course, you can. If you must use the phone, CALL HER.

Today’s society is so text messaged focus, a dangerous game to play if you are asking a girl out for the first time. It’s too easy for signals to be misread and also very easy to get flaked over.

I’m not saying that texting can’t be used to pick a girl up because once you learn to text effectively, it can be a gold mine. This topic must be addressed in a more comprehensive way.

For guys starting out, stick to calling.

How Do You Ask a Girl Out - Time and Location

Lastly, which is as vital as the previous discussion - when and where should you tell her about going out.

Try not to offer Friday or Saturday because aside from the fact that it does not look unique than other dates she may had before, these days' schedule may have been filled already.

I personally love the Thursday date because it has the weekend feel, but without all the pressure usually associated with a weekend night.

Setting the best time of the day, late afternoons are truly romantic. If you invited her for a drink, then target for happy hours. It's not only about cutting the cost but getting more fun because you will be having the best spot to savour the fun.

Lunch is less romantic because it is usually for friends, so do not go for it. Of course, you wish to transcend friendship and move further.

Setting the perfect time is ruined if not spent in a perfect place. So give it time to select one that is worth all your efforts. You want to create an exciting atmosphere while making it not seem like an old-fashioned date, so after work drinks or checking out a fair or festival are perfect.

If you’re confident, flirtatious and pick a fun, pressure free spot, you’ll never wonder, how to ask a girl out? ever again.

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Assessing A Girl's Interested In You By Paying Attention To 5 Po

Ladies are generally unpredictable.

Habitually throwing out mixed signals and social tests, it might get baffling trying to master how to know if a girl enjoys you or not.

That means guys have to read between the lines so that they can see the true indicators, signals she may not even know that she’s giving out. And it is these discreet, subconscious messages that will demonstrate the real image.Explore the five very simple facts that you've got to consider so you can come up with a more thorough assessment whether a girl likes you.

Eye Contact

In certain cases, before you even walk up to make an approach, you can tell if a girl is interested in you.

Have you got into a situation where you see this girl who was just one of the total strangers who surrounds you until you understood that both of you get trapped into a kind of charm where you keep going back to gaze at each other. It may be early to ascertain that she is dead hooked on you but one thing for sure - she is captivated.At the time you finally began a conversation with a woman, be keen about how frequently the girl glances at you and the span of time she keeps eye contact with you. If she’s rolling her eyes or looking at her phone, chances are she’s likely bored and uninterested.

But if she looks away and looks back at you or if she looks down and laughs, you should guess she’s attracted.

Body Language

A perfect way in sizing up whether a woman like you is giving attention to her body language.

If she touches her hair, fixes her dress or does any sort of swift grooming check-up, she’s absolutely into you as her behavior show that she’s concerned about what you think about her looks.

Unconsciously, a woman may be mimicking the body language that she observes you demonstrate. She responds in harmony with your moves. This is an excellent sign that she assimilates your aura but she may not even be conscious that she is providing this message to you.

Focus on the sweetness of her smile while she talks to you and other expressions such as when she licks her lips; these are clues that a girl likes you. When you are close to her, does she display some discomfort? If not, and in fact she looks fine with it, then you get another "check" that she is interested in you.

Watch out for this gesture: arms are folded and shoulders are shrugged. This may imply annoyance or that she is not fascinated having you right there speaking to her. Do not make a drastic move of backing off though. It can be that it is her nature to put up defense mechanism. With carefully packed words and sweet tongue, you can make her feel more comfortable drawing out her initial defenses.


In whatever manner a girl touches you, whether it be a blow on your shoulder or a push against your chest, it is a positive clue.

With several positive interactions with a girl, like sharing successful conversation, that deeper intimacy is setting in, a girl will be open for physical contact. For men, it is comfortable for them to manifest their interest through using kino; this likewise holds true with girls only that the latter have their own ways of disguising it.

She might start by touching your shirt, laying her hands quickly on your shoulder in a swift stroke, or a pat on your back. While this appears innocent and unthreatening, subconsciously, this is how she displays her interest, as well as mark her territory to fend off other suitors.

As things progress things will get more intense and intimate.

If you tease her and she laughs and punches your arm, she’s playfully showing her interest in you. But, If you get a spank on your face, that is another matter already. It means that she does not like you, so better get off and forget about her.

You will know that she definitely wants you when she starts gets in close, pets your arm or rubs her legs next to yours.

Verbalization and Compliance

Now that you’ve seen all the non-verbal signals indicating her interest, it’s time to focus on her words and the way she says things.

Saying it loud and clear that a woman likes you at the initial phase of the interaction is remote from reality because many girls are not going to put their feelings into words.. But, some words uttered will say it, indirectly.

Expression of positive feeling on the part of a woman is manifested in the way she handles the conversation. Laughing at your jokes in a sweet and genuine way and showing vigor during the interaction are positive signals.. If she is involved when you’re talking, that means she’s actively listening and interested.

The topic that she leads you to talk about may also give some signals. Does she like talking about her employment, career or other impressive information about her? Anytime a woman starts to brag about herself is her way of trying to spit game so take this as your cue to start escalating things.

Have you heard about PUAs "compliance test? You can use this to evaluate her.

If you hold her hand and she squeezes back or you walk her through the venue arm in arm and she allows it, she’s complying with your intentions and is expressing her interest through simple acceptance.

Commence screening out other people around you so that you both feel sense of privacy. If she does not display negative reactions being with you, then she is telling you that she feels safe and comfortable. Once you get there, however, it’s time to start making your move.

Knowing if she likes you - and wishes to Go Further

Be very kin about receiving some signs a girl sends out when she is ready and willing to escalate things.

Biting her bottom lip, a constant stream of touching and a strong gaze into your eyes are clear signs that she wants you to kiss her. Breaking a silence may be an opportunity of making the move for your first kiss, when you get into that moment of a momentous pause while you were conversing.

You can sense if she enjoys your intimate touches - be responsive enough. "Get me home", is the message that she is trying to tell you. Do not mess up.

Be sensitive to some demonstrations of discomfort. She wants to tell you that she is not prepared yet for more intimate interactions; be ready to assure her that you respect that.

Once you know how can you tell if a girl likes you or not simply by examining her verbal and non-verbal signals, your game will be at a much higher level and you will become very socially aware, an attractive quality in its own right.


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